Founding Fathers

Jose C. Chua
UST College of Medicine ’73
H.S. – Notre Dame of Manila ’72

Edwin A. Solano
UST College of Commerce ’73
H.S. – Notre Dame of Manila ’73

James Bracewell
UST College of Commerce ’73

Renato Go
UST College of Commerce ’73
H.S. – Ateneo De Manila ’73

AKRHO Traditions

AKP Seal is circular in outline consisting of an outer, middle, and an inner rim and the core or hub. The outer rim is set in a red background with the name of the institution, year of its foundation and its motto encrypted in bold yellow.

The middle rim is set in silver while the inner rim is set similarly in a red with no encryption. The core or hub is likewise set in a silver background with the three Greek letters “AKP” for ALPHA KAPPA RHO encrypted in a continuous outline at the center in bold yellow.

The colors red, silver and gold signifies the devotion, conviction and boldness of AKP’s vision while the Greek letters or symbols “AKP” written in a continuous format signifies the infinity of AKP’s pursuit of its visions, principles and goals.

The motto ‘VINCIT OMNIA VERITAS’ is written conspicuously in bold yellow on the outer rim of the seal.

This seal must be prominently exhibited or displayed in all official meetings and activities of AKP and shall likewise be used and/or affixed in all official instruments, papers, accouterments, artifice and other paraphernalia issued by, or under the authority of this fraternal Order.



The following are historical facts of the birth of ALPHA KAPPA RHO fraternity, era August 8, 1973 until end of 1976 . . .

Except for Founder Emeritus Boy Chua, the leader and elder of the group who enrolled initially in College of Medicine  at UST in 1972,  the other 15 Founding Fathers of AKP were enrolled at the College of Commerce  of UST. This became the TAMBAYAN of the newly formed AKP during that 1st semester of 1973.  These 15 Founding Fathers, who were classmates then, are : FF’s Teddy de Lara, Edwin Solano, Roberto “Obet” Posadas Sr., Tanny Bernabe, James Bracewell, Renato Go, Roger Sarmiento, Arnel Lorenzo, Teddy Aves, Philip Balanque, Monchet Cabrera, Mark Queyquep, Philip Diman, Gil Villegas and Nollie Manalo.  August 8, 1973 was acknowledged as the founding of the Alpha Kappa Rho Fraternity, coinciding with the Feast Day of St. Dominic. This day was a holiday in UST as it is a holiday for the Dominican priests (Order of Priest (OP)) of UST . . . a whole day to celebrate the birth of AKP.

FF Boy Chua, FF Edwin Solano, FF Obet Posadas FF Teddy de Lara and FF Tanny Bernabe are all Notre Dame HS alumni  (except for FF Boy Chua who graduated a year earlier, the rest belong to the  HS graduating batch of 1973). FF Arnel Lorenzo of San Sebastian HS batch 73 was a childhood neighbor of FF Tanny and FF Edwin at University Hills Subdivision in Caloocan City.   More of the NDM HS graduating batch of 1973 also enrolled at UST during the 1st college semester of 1973.

FF Edwin Solano transferred to San Sebastian College (SSC) at the beginning of the 2nd semester of college in 1973, making him the 1st AKRHO member to transfer out of UST, and the first AKRHO in San Sebastian College.

Other NDM HS batch ‘73 were also recruited to join AKRHO during the 2nd semester of school year 1973-74. They were Gerry Sioson, Willy Balandra, Rene Esquivel and Mert Manahan of the College of Engineering of UST, Johnny Reyes of the UST College of Commerce, Bayani Garcia, Jr. of Colegio De San Juan De Letran and Pykes Oppus, who at that time was enrolled at University of the East (UE) Recto.

Another AKRHO NDM Alumni, Sonny Marcial of the UST College of Engineeing, tranferred to FEATI.

There were hundreds of  AKRHOs in UST College of Engineering recruited by Gerry Sioson before he transferred to  MAPUA Institute of Technology in 1975. There, he recruited more than a thousand AKRHO members.

FF Robert “Obet” Posadas Sr. and FF Arnel Lorenzo (formerly named Arnel Lim) transferred from UST to SSC during the 1st College semester of 1975.  There were now 3 Founding Fathers of AKP in San Sebastian.

By the summer of 1975, the AKP sorrority of UST was founded.  Another graduate of Notre Dame, Abraham Cabrales of High School Batch 1973 founded the first of many Community Chapters in Valenzuela City. The other major event in the spread of AKRHO is the acceptance of HS students from UE-Recto into the fraternity in August of 1975.  Headed by Jun “Labo” Pasaporte, Rey Quitoriano (another NDM almuni) and  Noriel Arcadio, they spread the Junior AKRHO not just in the High School of UE-Recto  but also in F.E.U., P.S.B.A. and N.C.B.A.

The rest is history….