AKRHO Traditions

AKP Seal is circular in outline consisting of an outer, middle, and an inner rim and the core or hub. The outer rim is set in a red background with the name of the institution, year of its foundation and its motto encrypted in bold yellow.

The middle rim is set in silver while the inner rim is set similarly in a red with no encryption. The core or hub is likewise set in a silver background with the three Greek letters “AKP” for ALPHA KAPPA RHO encrypted in a continuous outline at the center in bold yellow.

The colors red, silver and gold signifies the devotion, conviction and boldness of AKP’s vision while the Greek letters or symbols “AKP” written in a continuous format signifies the infinity of AKP’s pursuit of its visions, principles and goals.

The motto ‘VINCIT OMNIA VERITAS’ is written conspicuously in bold yellow on the outer rim of the seal.

This seal must be prominently exhibited or displayed in all official meetings and activities of AKP and shall likewise be used and/or affixed in all official instruments, papers, accouterments, artifice and other paraphernalia issued by, or under the authority of this fraternal Order.

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